Data Analysis and Reporting Tools

Employers can’t Measure what they don’t record

•    How many employees are compliant on diabetes testing?
•    How many employees are experiencing diabetes episodes?
•    How many employees are utilizing health and wellness benefits?
•    How many employees still use tobacco?
•    What are the biggest risk factors for your employees?
•    By examining the answers to these questions in combination with data from your employees' health risk assessments and the MedWise Diabetes Management System we can provide you with detailed reports outlining specific health risks analysis, data trends and lifestyle habits.

Improving Health & Productivity

 We believe the best way to achieve long-term savings is to help people take ownership of their health and healthcare spending. Combining the right diabetes management with health and wellness solutions is a key part of the MedWise Choice approach to better health and productivity.

Our Diabetes Management / Health and Wellness Solutions Help Deliver:
•    Healthier employees that are more productive, helping businesses perform better in today’s challenging environment.

•    Noticeable and sustainable reductions in healthcare costs. We help employers apply our diabetes
management with health and wellness solutions to benefit from workforces that are more actively engaged in their health. These individuals have the support they need to perform better on-the-job and have fewer days off work—which can result in significantly lower health costs and a stronger bottom line.

Diabetes Health and Wellness

Wellness research shows that employees who actively manage their health are more productive, have fewer absences from work, and make fewer demands for medical services. An article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicated that a focus on prevention and wellness resulted in a 17 percent decline in total medical visits and a 35 percent decline in medical visits for diabetes related illness.

At MedWise, our comprehensive Diabetes Health and Wellness Program is focused on assisting employers in creating or improving wellness in the workplace. Implemented appropriately, MedWise Diabetes Health and Wellness Programs can be far more effective in generating employer savings than reducing employee health care coverage.

Diabetes Disease Management Interventions Based on Acuity Levels

Through a Stratification Process, Employees are Identified for Diabetes Interventions

MedWise Diabetes Disease Management System provides the programs employees need to:

  • Achieve and maintain optimum blood glucose levels
  • Manage co-morbidities related to diabetes, including hypertension with diabetes management
  • Prevent the onset of complications by providing innovative diabetes management services including foot exams
  • Health and Wellness Program supports maintaining healthy lifestyles and adhering to recommended health management plan


Proven Healthcare Solutions

HealthcareSolutionsBenefit From Our Comprehensive Services

MedWise provides easy access to educational tools and diabetes counseling helping to improve employees health outcome.

MedWise works with disease management units within healthcare plans and healthcare providers to coordinate employees plan of care.

Personal Service
MedWise builds strong relationships that encourage greater employee accountability and improve health through our highly trusted accessible Care Coordinators.

Employee Engagement
MedWise employee wellness strategy offers our clients a turnkey, customized solution that emphasizes health and wellness. Our goal is high participation with maximum results.

Systems & Reporting
MedWise supports your business needs with state-of-the-art technologies that help manage ROI, track utilization, maintain compliance and much more.

Wellness and Diabetes Management
MedWise implements programs to help employees improve health and avoid unnecessary expense.

Diabetes Health and Wellness Portal
MedWise Diabetes Health and Wellness portal offers our clients and their employees’ one centralized location to access Diabetes Health and Wellness resources. In addition to a health and wellness information, employees can engage personalized tools including: diabetes education, goals, activities, meal planners, wellness guides, online health coaching, and comprehensive nutritional guides.

Health Risk Assessment
MedWise Health Assessment collects the appropriate employee health data and assists in defining the health risks of each employee. Our approach is personalized for each employee based on his or her data points and reveals a prioritized list of health risks guiding the employee to relevant next steps.

Targeted Health and Wellness Programs
MedWise Health and Wellness Programs hone in on subsets of the employees diagnosed with diabetes, which is associated with high price tags; such as unhealthy lifestyles, smoking, and obesity. Our programs are intensive with the goal of preventing further diabetes complications that are associated with future healthcare costs.

Health Coaching and Consultation
MedWise after identifying employee health risks, the next step is to modify these health risks through healthy behaviors. Lifestyle coaching is an integral part of our employee health management strategy and provides the most efficient means to positively impact employee health risks and associated costs.

Care Coordinator Call Center Service

MedWise Care Coordinators are available to employees for diabetes support, registration, assessments and general diabetes health and wellness information. Our Care Coordinators contact each employee to access their current diabetic need and help with a wide range of diabetic issues that may affect a employees overall well-being. By identifying any changes employees may face, our Care Coordinators can offer solutions that address the employees total diabetic needs. MedWise is one of the only companies of its kind to have Care Coordinators as part of the services offered to employees at no cost.

•    MedWise Care Coordinators communicates with employees to assist them meet their diabetic needs
•    MedWise Care Coordinators communicates with physicians supporting employees diabetic needs
•    MedWise Care Coordinators assists employees manage their diabetes
•    MedWise Care Coordinators assures that employees are not over utilized with diabetic supplies
•    MedWise Care Coordinators monitors employee alerts in the Diabetes Management System
•    MedWise Care Coordinators monitors employees to remain in compliance with the program